People with learning disabilities encounter some difficulties in their employment process. Our project was focused on sharing knowledge and experience among partners on methods of measuring the capabilities of people with learning disabilities for employment purposes. There are some national legislations regarding employment of disabled people, that address disability in a broad range. For instance, in some countries employers have to guarantee a certain percentage of vacancies allocated to or hiring people with disabilities. However, the important thing is to be able to evaluate their skills and recommend an appropriate job or a training program for them. To decide on this matter we have evaluated the skills of people with learning disabilities who are willing to be employed. One question arose: How can their skills be evaluated? We want to share knowledge and experience about the assessment techniques with participting countries. The project concerns how to discover the existing knowledge base of this target group. We have improved a test technique and created tests for them. The target group of this test were people with learning disabilities, willing to have vocational education and to be employed. The findings of this partnership have a positive impact to improve the employability of the target group in participating countries where there is no official assessment within this context. Each partner translated the assessment technique into their own mother tongue and disseminated it across their own coutnries to public authorties, NGO’s, media and job centers. The Project was evaluated by an evaluation team consisting of one psychologist, one measurement expert and one disability expert. This team was created by partners at the first Project meeting and they have produced an evaluation report.