Project Objectives and Strategy

Objectives: To contribute to the employment of people with disabilities. To increase the working efficiency of the employees with disabilities. To improve the employment process of disabled people by enhancing their employability, evaluating their existing skills, increasing the job opportunities available to them, and find proper trainings to improve their knowledge base. To improve an evaluation method of people with learning disabilities before their vocational training or employment. To share knowledge and experiences about the adaptation of people with learning disabilites in relation to their vocational training. – To produce an evaluation and testing tool for the purpose of evaluating people with learning disabilites before vocational education and disseminate this tool across the partner countries and all over Europe.
Subjects: Disabled people encounter difficulties or even discrimination when they seek jobs. Most of the legislations of the countries focus only on some aspects of the employment process. Legislation does not emphasize the preparation phase of individuals with view to improving their current skills. An assessment method for evaluation of the skills of individuals is either unavailble or not comprehensive. According to the Recommendation of the European Council of 18 December 2006, on the key competencies for lifelong learning, Member States should ensure key competencies for LLP for all. This also applies to particular disadvantaged groups whose educational potential requires support like people with low basic skills, early school leavers, the long-term unemployed, migrants, etc. We have brought the focus on people with disabilities. However, the development process was documented in a way allowing to be used as a reference guide for developinga derivative tests for other target groups. Approach: The main approach of the project is directly working with people with learning disabilities. We made only a theorotical work. We have piloted our evaluaton tests on people with learning disabilities during the project and made necessary adjustments and changes to it. In this way our project has become learner-centered. We also worked with VET experts, psychologists, disability experts, human resources experts during the various project stages.