Employment of people with learning disabilities is an important problem across Europe. Especially after the 2008-2009 financial crisis, unemployment rates have increased in all European countries. This fact has also influenced the employment of people with learning disabilities. Increase in the work force supply leads to high level of competition on the employment market. People with learning disabilities are people with special needs and they have certain disabilities, therefor they should have their skills evaluated very well before their vocational training. A vocational education that is not appropriate for a person with a particular learning disability may decrease the effectiveness and efficiency of his/her work performance. And people with learning disabilities need special testing and evaluation methods to measure their capacity, willingness, abilities, weaknesses, etc. An evaluation method for people with learning disabilities will help them to be better aware about the appropriate vocational education. To have proper skills increases the employability of people with learning disabilities. The partners are aware of this fact and their mutual interest to develop an assessment technique hs become a driving force under this project. The cooperation of various subject experts and people with disabilities enriched the applicability of the final results. The skill assessment test was adapted by partner countries and increased the number of good matches about jobs and trainings. This international cooperation complies with the European strategies that underline inclusion of people with disabilities.