Holland test

In this test the participant had to choose between pictures showing specific work activities. Each picture depicted work associated with a specific type of personality. These types are derived from Dr. John Holland’s theory of careers and vocational choice, known as Holland Codes.
The theory was developed by Dr.John L. Holland over the course of his career, starting in the 1950s. The typology has come to dominate the field of career counseling and has been incorporated into most of the popular assessments used in the field. The RIASEC Markers Scales from the Interest Item Pool were developed by Liao, Armstrong and Rounds (2008) for use in psychological research as a public domain alternative to the usual assessments which are marketed commercially.
The test consists of 48 example tasks that you will have to rate by how much you would enjoy performing each on a scale of (1) dislike (2) slightly dislike (3) neither like nor dislike (4) slightly enjoy (5) enjoy. On the average, the test will take five to ten minutes to complete.
There are six personality types in Holland’s model:
• Realistic: practical, physical, concrete, hands-on, machine, and tool-oriented
• Investigative: analytical, intellectual, scientific, explorative, thinker
• Artistic: creative, original, independent, chaotic, inventive, media, graphics, and text
• Social: cooperative, supporting, helping, healing/nurturing, teaching
• Enterprising: competitive environments, leadership, persuading, status
• Conventional: detail-oriented, organizing, clerical
The participant personality type
The participant preferred ‘Social’ the most, followed by ‘Artistic’ and ‘Investigative’. Your six letter personality type is ‘SAICRE’. Your personal preference is also shown in a graph below.